Starrett SR160 Surface Roughness Tester (SR160)


Starrett surface roughness testing equipment is simple, accurate and of high quality. It performs the complex analysis required to meet or exceed your customers specifications. The SR100, SR160, SR300, and SR400 units are tough, shock tested, and capable of withstanding the demands of a shop environment. Our surface roughness testers meet the increasing requirements across industries like safety, aerospace, automotive, precision bearings, and general manufacturing.

When our customers speak, we listen. And that is why the new Starrett SR160 is one of our most well developed tools yet. Regardless of your application, an investment in a Starrett surface roughness tester will give you the peace of mind that your shop deserves.

The SR160 has an on-screen color graph display with instant results of multiple parameters. Two-piece Bluetooth connectivity.


Starrett SR160 Surface Roughness Tester Features:

  • Tactile Measurement Button
  • Two-Piece Contruction with Bluetooth Low Energy Connectivity
  • Diamond Stylus and Piezoelectric Pickup
  • Li-Poly Battery
  • Rubberized Molding
  • Profile Graph
  • Simple Navigation

Starrett SR160 Surface roughness unit:

  • Accuracy (in): 5% of reading + 4 micro-in.
  • Accuracy (mm): 5% of reading + 0.1 micron
  • Cutoff Lengths: 0.8mm
  • Filter: Gaussian
  • Measuring Range: 1600 micro-in. (40 microns)
  • Pick-up Stylus: Piezoelectric
  • Roughness Parameter: Ra,Rz,Rp,Rv,Rt,Rz1Max,Rsk,Rq,Rku,Pa,Pz,Pp,Pv,Pt
  • Tracer Tip: Diamond, 5 micron radius
  • Tracing Length: 0.2 in (5mm)
  • Tracing Speed: 0.08 in/sec (2mm/sec)

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Starrett SR160 Surface Roughness Tester

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starrett surface roughness tester SR160

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