Starrett SR400 Surface Roughness Tester (SR400)


The Starrett SR400 Surface Roughness Tester offers Roughness Parameters Ra, Rz, Rt, Rp, Rmr, Rpc, Rsm, Rz1max, Rsk, Rda and is the perfect solution for all your roughness requirements.  Supplied with a lift/lower feature providing a 50mm height adjustment and 70mm reach into bores. Features a tactile measurement button that is great when the device is being used overhead or inside pipes.  Also includes a mini USB port that can be used for charging (with any standard USB charger) and or connection to a PC to provide further analysis and reporting functionality


Starrett SR400 Surface Roughness Tester Features:

• Portable surface roughness
• SPC Output: Yes
• Large screen display
• Unique stylus lift mechanism for total flexibility
• Many application specific parameter options
• Comprehensive selection optional accessories and pickups
• Long traverse length and extended pickup reach
• Stores of up to 100 readings

Included items:

  • Display & Traverse unit
  • Pick-up & Diamond Stylus
  • Calibration Standard
  • Manual; and Carrying Case
  • 25mm travel, 360um range, 5nm resolution
  • Advanced Parameter Set (ISO 4287, ISO 13565, ASME, JIS)
  • *TalyProfile Lite software.


Starrett SR400 Surface Roughness Tester:

• Accuracy (in) 2% of reading + LSD µm
• Cutoff Lengths 0.01, 0.03, 0.3″ / 0.25, 0.8, 2.5, 8mm
• Filter 2CR or gaussian (selectable)
• Measuring Range 400 µm 100 µm 10 µm
• Pick-up Stylus Inductive
• Roughness Parameter Ra, Rz, Rt, Rp, Rmr, Rpc, Rsm, Rz1max, Rsk, Rda
• Tracer Tip Diamond stylus Tip radius 200µ” / 5µm unless otherwise specified
• Tracing Length 0.01-0.89/ 0.25-25.0mm
• Tracing Speed 0.04″/sec, 1mm/sec
• Resolution: 50 nm 10 nm 5 nm

Download the Starrett SR400 Product literature by using the link below:

Starrett SR400 Surface Roughness Units

Click below to watch Starrett SR400 surface roughness tester video

Starrett SR400 Roughness tester Video


Download the Starrett SR400 Accessories specifications by using the link below:

Starrett SR400 Surface Roughness tester accessories

SR400 Accessories listed below.

Call or email us for pricing  (Ph 866-945-5742 / )

  •  SR-112-1510 20961 7.875″/200mm Extension Rod with Lead
  •  SR-112-1534 20962 Reference Standard
  •  SR-112-1517 20963 Support Stand
  •  SR-112-2693 20964 Column and Stand
  •  SR-112-1502 20956 Standard Pickup with 200μ” / 5μm Stylus
  •  SR-112-1503 20957 Standard Pickup with 400μ” / 10μm Stylus
  •  SR-115-P28495 21004 Small Bore Pickup
  •  SR-112-1505 20959 Right Angle Pickup
  • SR-112-1506 20960 Recess Pickup
  •  SR-112-3680 20952 TalyProfile Gold – 2D Analysis Software w/cable
  •  SR-112-3681 20953 TalyProfile Silver – 2D Analysis Software w/cable
  •  SR-K509-1578 20954 TalyProfile 8’/2.5m Cable
  •  SR-K509-1820 20955 TalyProfile 5’/1.5m Cable
  •  SR-112-4570 21002 USB Thermal Printer
  •  SR-112-4571 21003 Thermal Paper

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