Starrett T436.1XFL Outside Micrometer


The Starrett T436.1XFL Outside Micrometer have a balanced frame and thimble design ensure easy handling

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Starrett T436.1XFL Outside Micrometer Features:

  • Accurate, rugged, and easy to use
  • Advanced sleeve design with staggered lines and distinct figures for precise and easy readability
  • Balanced frame and thimble design ensure easy handling
  • Gracefully designed tapered frame for use in narrow slots and tight places
  • Quick and easy adjustment
  • Carbide Faces
  • Lock Nut
  • Friction Thimble
  • Micro-lapped measuring faces
  • Starrett satin chrome finish – no glare – resists rust
  • Ring-type knurled lock nut for quick and sure locking
  • Anvils sized at .250" (6.35mm) diameter Smooth friction thimble for uniform pressure
  • Rigid steel frame ribbed for extra strength on sizes through 6" (150mm)
  • Extremely hard and stable one-piece spindle



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