Tesatronic 04430013 Twin-T10 Portable Measuring Unit (04430013)


Tesatronic 04430013 Twin-T10 Portable Measuring Unit

TWIN-T10 autonomy offers great operating comfort in shop-floor: no daily recharge of the battery or no worry about the remaining autonomy. TWIN-T10 has been carefully designed for best efficiency with unequivocal reading and for ease of operation. The size of the keys along with its clear tactile feedback prevents operating errors. The high-quality elastomer overmoulding with a softtouch finish makes the instrument wear-resistant and comfortable to hold. Maximal protection against dust and particles in production and assembly environment is ensured thanks to its IP63 rating.


Tesatronic 04430013 Twin-T10 Portable Measuring Unit IP63 Features

  • Autonomous instrument used during assembly, on an inspection workstation of a production line, for final inspection or directly on a machine on the shop floor
  • Frequently used with a GT 31 lever probe for geometry measurements: form tolerances (straightness, flatness etc.) or orientation tolerances (parallelism, perpendicularity, etc.)
  • Function TOL for measurements with tolerances
  • Memory function for values MAX, MIN or MAX-MIN for dynamic measurements
  • Function for zero-setting of the display, for easy comparative measurements with a reference part
  • Special ZOOM mode for a more detailed visualization of the analogue scale. This mode simplifies the alignment and fine adjustement during assembly. 4 or 7 measuring ranges from ± 5 µm to ± 5 mm, or switchable automatically depending on the measured value
  • Access to functions by direct keys
  • Millimetre/inch conversion
  • 1 probe signal input
  • Power supply by standard AA batteries
  • RS232 digital output (TLC connector)

Special analogue scale TWIN-T10 has been designed to provide effortless reading thanks to the detailed segmentation and the numbering across the scale. The 200 segments available along with its hemispherical shape enable a sensitive visualization during geometrical measurement such as straightness, run-out or parallelism.

Zoom mode The zoom mode positions the measured value in the middle of the analogue scale and amplifies the value of the scale division by 5-fold. Therefore subsequent light variations around this value become obvious, which is very convenient for mechanical fine adjustment applications.

Remote control With TLC-USB cable connected, TWIN-T10 can be operated remotely from a computer. Bidirectional communication allows data to be sent from the instrument to the computer or to send ASCII commands from the computer to the TWIN-T10. A foot switch can also be connected to the jack connector of TWIN-T10.

Exceptional autonomy The very low-energy consumption of the TWIN-T10 enables an exceptional operational autonomy of up to 400 hours. The instrument automatically turns off after 10 minutes when not in use.

Technical Data: Order number     04430013
Function     Display for TESA Inductive Probe
Number of probe entry     1
Display scales     ± 5, ± 2 mm ± 500, ± 200 μm ± 50, ± 20 μm ± 5 μm
Auto Range     ± 250 ± 100 in/1000
± 25 ± 10 in/1000
± 2.5 ± 1.0 in/1000
± 0.25 in/1000
Auto Range Resolution     1 0,1 μm     0.010 0.005 in/1000
Functions     Zeroing (Offset) +A, -A
MAX, MIN or MAX-MIN memorization value
Measurement with tolerances
Unit     Metric (mm, μm) or inch (in/1000)
Autonomy     340 – 400 hours
IP rating     IP63

Deviation span of indication * ≤ 1% of the measuring scale

Drift of zero point on the full measuring range * ≤ ± 0,005% / °C
Response time     â‰¤ 100 ms
Frequency limit     10 Hz (relative to the input signal)
Oscillator frequency     13 kHz
Digital output     RS232 through TLC connector
Data format     7 bits ASCII code
Power supply     4x AA LR6 batteries
Assigned operating T°C     + 20 °C ± 1
Operating T°C range     +10 to +40 °C
Storage T°C range     -10 to +60 °C
EMC compatibility     according to 2004/108/EC
according to EN 61326-1 annex A
RoHS 2 according to 2011/65/EU
REACH  according to EC 1907/2006
WEEE      according to 2002/96/EC
Dimensions     170 x 100 x 38 mm
Weight     410 g / 500 g
Delivery contents     TWIN-T10, user manual, 4x AA batteries

TWIN-T10 is particularly suitable for straightness, run-out, form or geometry evaluation during fine adjustment, alignment or fitting of mechanical parts.

Application examples:
– Squareness adjustment of the Z-axis of a machine
– Alignement of guide rail to the marble bench
– Centering of a part on machine-tool
– Measurement of parallelism and perpendicularity

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