Tohnichi BTGE Digital Torque Gauge with flip-up Display

High precision handheld digital torque gauge with integrated LC display to measure small torque. Ideal for measurement, inspection, and tightening of precision machineries and electric devices. Flip-up display can be adjusted for optimal reading and accommodates various testing positions.

There are various application types. Available for measuring rotating objects. Combined with Measurement Board (No. 809), it can be fixed to use as torque screwdriver checker, etc.

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Tohnichi BTGE Features:

  •  Bi-directional accuracy ± 2% of indicated value + 1 digit.
  •  Available for measuring rotating objects.
  •  Three-jaw keyless chuck equipped to clamp the object firmly.
  •  Max. 999 readings can be saved with statistical function max/min/meantime values.
  •  Coin-type lithium battery (CR2450) allows 10-hours continuous operation.
  •  The continuous operation time can be extend in about 50-hours when optional battery pack (Model: BP-C1) is used.
  •  USB cable can be used for data transfer to PC (Optional accessory: part No. 384).
  •  Applicable for using in the EU region with CE mark applied.

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tohnichi torque

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tohnichi torque Tohnichi BTGE Digital Torque Gauge applications

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