Vision Engineering SX80 Stereo Zoom Microscope


Powerful, high quality binocular stereoscopic microscope, SX80 delivers exceptional color, contrast, and clarity. SX80 delivers performance, flexibility, and reliability, while quality optics ensures superior stereo viewing.

With an 8:1 zoom ratio, the SX80 provides the ability to inspect components/specimens at low and high magnification in a single system, with the added flexibility of a wide range of options and system configurations.

Building on more than 50 years optical experience, Vision Engineering’s SX80 binocular stereo microscopes deliver high quality, highly versatile stereo viewing, making an ideal choice for users who demand outstanding optics and affordability.

The SX80 has the second highest zoom ratio in the SX family of quality stereo microscopes.

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Vision Engineering SX80 Stereo Zoom Microscope Features:

  • 8x - 64x standard magnification range (256x max)
  • High optical quality CMO stereo microscope, designed to be affordable
  • Precision optics deliver high resolution and flat field
  • Long-life true color LED illumination
  • Long working distance and large depth of field
  • Click stop zoom indexing
  • Modular system with optional extras for tailored configurations

SX80/S/1: SX80 Bench Stand System

  • Binocular CMO Head Zoom Body (0.8x-6.4x)
  • 10X Eyepieces (pair), 1X Objective
  • Bench Stand with coarse and fine focus

SX80/S/2: SX80 Boom Stand System

  • Binocular CMO Head, Zoom Body (0.8x-6.4x)
  • 10X Eyepieces (pair), 1X Objective,
  • Universal Arm Stand (Boom) LED ringlight includes control box and 115VAC mains lead Dual Arm Ball Bearing Boom Stand System

SX80/S/3: SX80 Dual Arm Ball Bearing Boom Stand System

  • Includes: S-025 Binocular CMO Head S-080 SX80 Zoom Body
  • (0.8x-6.4x) 10X Eyepieces (pair) 1X ObjectiveS 030 1X Objective
  • Dual Arm Ball Bearing Boom Stand, Weighted base
  • LED ringlight including control box and 115VAC mains lead


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Vision Engineering SX80 Stereo Zoom Microscope Technical Specifications:

SX80 Optical Data
Eyepieces Objective Lenses Zoom Range Working Distance
10x/22 F.N. 0.5x 4x – 32x 5.12″ (130mm)
10x/22 F.N. 1.0x 8x – 64x 3.07″ (78mm)
10x/22 F.N. 2.0x 16x – 128x 1.28″ (32.5mm)
15x/16 F.N. 0.5x 6x – 48x 5.12″ (130mm)
15x/16 F.N. 1.0x 12x – 96x 3.07″  (78mm)
15x/16 F.N. 2.0x 24x – 192x 1.28″ (32.5mm)
20x/13 F.N. 0.5x 8x – 64x 5.12″ (130mm)
20x/13 F.N. 1.0x 16x – 128x 3.07″  (78mm)
20x/13 F.N. 2.0x 32x – 256x 1.28″ (32.5mm)


Technical Data
Optical System CMO (Common Main Objective)
Total Magnification 4x – 256x
Zoom Ratio 8:1
Observation Tube Inclination 20°
Interpupillary Distance 2.17″ – 2.95″ (55mm – 75mm)
Objectives Plan Achromatic 0.5x, 1.0x, 2.0x
Eyepieces WF10x F.N.22; WF15x F.N.16; WF20x F.N.13

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Download the SX80 Stereo Zoom Microscope product information using the link below:

SX80 Stereo Microscope

SX80 Stereo Zoom Microscope Options:

  • S-025: Binocular CMO Head
  • S-080: Zoom Body (0.8x-6.4x)
  • S-100: Zoom Body (0.8x-8.0x)
  • S-006A: SX Universal Arm Stand
  • S-007: Articulated Arm Stand
  • S-040: SX Bench Stand with coarse and fine focus
  • S-041: Dual Arm Ball Bearing Boom Stand,Table Clamp
  • S-042: Dual Arm Ball Bearing Boom Stand,Weighted base
  • S-043: SX Bench Stand Only
  • S-045: Focus Ring Assembly
  • S-005C: LED rin glight including control box 115VAC
  • HLS-001: 150W Halogen Light Source, AC Non Regulated 115VAC
  • DFS-001: Dual Flex and Stay Fiber Light Guide for HLS-001
  • S-004: Eyepieces 10x (pair)
  • S-010: Eyepieces 20x (pair) 20X/13
  • S-027: Eyepieces 15x (pair)
  • S-032: 0,5X Objective
  • S-030: 1X Objective
  • S-031: 2X Objective
  • S 050: Photo Tube for single camera
  • S-051: C-Mount camera adapter for SX80/SX100
  • S-052: T-Mount camera adapter for SX80/SX100
  • S-053: 0,5X C Mount adapter for SX80/SX100
  • S-018: Reticle, 10mm in 100 divisions
  • SXR-204: Reticle, Linear Scale .001″ @40x
  • SXR-618: Reticle, Crossed Scale, .001″ @40x, each axis
  • CUSTOM-SX: SX Reticle to customer specifications, (Requires RETICLE-NRE)
  • RETICLE-NR: Non recurring engineering charge for first custom reticle
  • S-011: Polarization Set
  • S-013: Floating stage, 100mm x 100mm (bench stand only)
  • S-015: Replacement LED array; reflected light (bench stand only)
  • S-016: Replacement LED array; transmitted light (bench stand only)
  • S-017: Spare Rubber Eyecups (pair)
  • S-020: Replacement Power lead: Bench stand
  • S-021: Replacement Power lead: LED ring light
  • S-023: Replacement glass for SX bench stand
  • S-026: SX Ergo Binocular Head, Tiltable
  • S-029: SX80/SX100 Double Iris

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