Mechanical Bore Gages

At Willrich Precision, we carry a comprehensive range of mechanical bore gages. These wonderful instruments are apt at measuring machined holes, taper, ovality, and inside diameters with high accuracy. These days, a majority of mechanical bore gages and other mechanical transmission measuring systems can be interfaced and integrated with any pencil probe, digital or dial indicator. That’s why mechanical bore gages are used by a wide range of professionals from many different industries.

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Popular Mechanical Bore Gage Brands We Carry

  • Mitutoyo
  • Fowler High Precision
  • Mahr Federal
  • Brown & Sharpe
  • Starrett
  • … and more!

Popular Products for Mechanical Bore Gages

  • Starrett 78XT Internal Micrometer Inch Series
  • Mahr Federal Multimar Universal Gage 844 T for External and Internal Dimensions
  • Fowler Holematic XTD3 Holemike Handle Only
  • Mitutoyo Holtest 368 Type II Three Point Internal Micrometers Steel Alloy Sets
  • Brown and Sharpe Intrimik Style B Intrimik/Tri-O-Bor

Shop for Mechanical Bore Gages at Willrich Precision Instrument

At Willrich Precision, you can find internal micrometers, universal gages, three-point internal micrometers, etc., from our wonderful mechanical bore gage range. What’s more, we are highly committed to helping you clinch the best deals that entail significant savings. This way, all your precision measurement needs are fulfilled without breaking the bank.

Our company was founded in 1971 and we have been serving the gaging, inspection, and metrology industry by being a trusted retailer of an exceptional range of precision measurement instruments, including mechanical bore gages. With more than four decades worth of experience in the business, you can be sure that the products we carry are made to the highest standard of workmanship and quality.

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