Manual Air Bearing CMMs

Manual CMMs are coordinate measuring machines that are manually controlled to measure the physical geometrical characteristics of a production part. External probes are often attached to the third moving axis of these machines. These probes are used to define measurements, and come in different variations including white light, laser, optical, mechanical, and more. Manual CMMs, just like their automated counterparts, are designed for easy operation and high accuracy. That makes them suitable for a great array of applications; from complex form measuring to simple orthogonal dimensioning. Willrich Precision is offering a full range of Mitutoyo Manual Coordinate Measuring Machines

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Top Features of Manual CMMs

  • Accurately determine coordinates of points on a workpiece surface
  • Can be used in reverse engineering processes
  • Ideal for small to medium inspection jobs
  • Great for process control applications
  • … and more!

Shop for Manual CMMs at Willrich Precision Instrument

At Willrich Precision, our company has been serving the metrology, gaging, and inspection industry since the 1970s. Since our inception, we have quickly become one of the most trusted retailers in the United States. With nearly 50 years of experience, you can be sure to find top-notch manual coordinate measuring machines at our online store.

What’s more, Willrich Precision Instrument is ISO:9001:2008 registered. That’s why you can rest assured that we carry the best-in-class coordinate measuring machine systems and other sophisticated metrology products that will help increase productivity and efficiency in any workplace. Start browsing through our inventory now and get ready to be impressed by the broad range of coordinate measuring machines we have in store for you.

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