Torque Measurement

Torque instruments not only help assess and ensure product quality but also help you to check for product safety as well. Companies in the automobile and aviation industry need to adhere to a traceable torque standard. That’s why they require torque instruments to verify measurements. Without accurate torque measurements, such mistakes may cost a company both capital and time, not to mention that their reputation is on the line too.

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Bolts that have been over-torqued have a higher risk of breaking and may cause failures to occur elsewhere. If a failure (such as a broken bolt) occurs in the assembly piece, the consequence is an increase in production costs. No one wants that to happen so torque measurement instruments are always in demand.

Our Product Categories for Torque Measurement

  • Digital Torque Indicators & Sensors
  • Torque Bottle Cap Testers
  • Torque Measurement Testers

Popular Torque Measurement Brands We Carry

  • Chatillon
  • Mark-10
  • Mecmesin
  • Shimpo
  • Tohnichi
  • … and more!

Shop for Torque Measurement Instruments at Willrich Precision Instrument

Whether you are looking for dial torque wrenches, insulated torque screwdrivers or torque testers with tornado closures, you can be sure that these products can be found at Willrich Precision. We have been in been in the business since 1971, and that’s having nearly five decades of experience serving the gaging, inspection, and metrology industry.

When you are sourcing for torque measurement instruments through Willrich, you can take advantage of the expertise and experience of our knowledgeable staff. What’s more, our products are competitively priced to offer our customers greater savings. Browse through our inventory for brand new torque measurement instruments today, and shop with confidence!