Freedom Technologies

Freedom Technologies is a renowned manufacturer of non contact measurement products and systems. The brand uses two core technologies, which include scanning laser micrometers and geometric distance lasers. If you opt for their geometric laser technology products, you will be able to measure the profile, length, width, thickness, and displacement of intricate parts. For individuals interested in Freedom Technologies’ scanning laser technology, you may be pleased to know that they have in-line applications such as mounting on robotic integration, wire drawing machines, extruders, and more. At Willrich Precision Instrument, we carry a wonderful range of products by Freedom Technologies.

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Popular Products from Freedom Technologies

Willrich Precision is a trusted retailer of high quality Freedom Technologies products. Some of the top Freedom Technologies instruments that we carry include:

  • Cutting Tool Measurement System Meclab T40 Laser Micrometers
  • Xactum High Accuracy Laser Micrometers Dual Axis
  • Hand Held Laser Optical Micrometers

Shop at Willrich Precision for Freedom Technologies Products

If you are looking for high accuracy hand held optical micrometers to check wires and cables right in-line, you have come to the right place. Our company has more than four decades of experience in serving the gaging, inspection and metrology industry. That’s why we know exactly what our clients need when it comes to purchasing sophisticated metrology products. What’s more, we offer unparalleled level of customer service and ensure that you can benefit from our exceptional product knowledge. When you shop at Willrich Precision, we will help you find the right solution for your measuring needs.

If you need assistance with any product purchase, call us at 866-945-5742 or email us at today. An exciting inventory of quality products from Freedom Technologies awaits your perusal!

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