Cutting Tool Measurement System Meclab T40 Laser Micrometer

The Aeroel Super Meclab Series T40 Laser Micrometer represents the ultimate in capability and accuracy to
measure both odd and even fluted cutting tools. It has exclusive features which cannot be met by any competitive laser micrometer on the market today. As a result it is the only instrument for any Metrology Laboratory desiring laser micrometry. For cutting tools in particular, it  is ideal for:

• Drill bits
• End mills
• Cutting tools
• Toothed pulleys
• Small gears

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The Aeroel™ Super Meclab T40 Features :

•  Measures cutting tools with both odd or even flutes
•  Measures effective cutting diameter, concentricity and  runout
•   ± 0.07 µm (0.000003) repeatability
•  1500Hz scan rates
•  15 touch screen operator panel
•  Thermal compensation for any material
•  No measuring drift due to changes in ambient temperature
•  Auto calibration feature never requires any recalibration
•  Unlimited multi point calibration to user’s standar
•  RS 232, RS 485 and Ethernet outputs
• Class 2 visible laser diode for safety and long life


Super Meclab T Laser Micrometer, includes:

  • XLS 40/1500/B
  •  with automatic rotation
  • 0.06-38mm (0.0024 -1.496) measuring range
  • ± 0.1µm (0.000004) repeatability @3 Sigma
  • 1500Hz scan frequency
  • 10.5 LCD monitor
  • RS 232/485 and Ethernet serial ports


Precision linear stage on granite base includes:                                                                                                                                         stainless steel table with v groove micro position adjustment, with hand knob, (0.5mm/revolution) engaging/disengaging device for quick positioning
digital readout scale, resolution – 0.005mm
400mm overall length
useful range, 160mm

Pair of fixed V blocks, preset-able in distance
90 degree angle, mountable on slide at desired locations
max part diameter 25mm

Part stopper with reference cone/ball
preset-able in height

No-Var option for temp coef for any part material

Motor driven device to rotate the part with driving wheel

  • Equipped base, mounted under the granite base.
  • contains the electronic drive for the motor driven device
  • motor driven device to rotate the part
  • friction driving wheel
  • stepper motor and stepper motor drive unit
  • shank diameters from 1.2 to 20mm
  • shank length from 22 to 100mm
  • part length up to 200mm


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Super T40

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