Since 1956, the SPI (Swiss Precision Instruments, Inc.) line of products has been ever increasing to include unique, new, and hard to find precision measuring instruments, shop accessories, optical tools, and machine tools. The SPI is an integrated global company and its product family consists of micrometers, chamfer gages, indicators, optical measurement tools, bore gages, calipers, and various other instruments. Today, the tradition of value, timely delivery, service, and quality never fails at SPI, even after nearly sixty years.

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Popular Products from SPI

It is easy to find the SPI product you want at Willrich Precision. Here are some of the most popular SPI products that our customers are looking for:

  • SPI Heavy Duty Bench Centers
  • SPI 20-665-6 Internal Chamfer Gage, 1”³ 90-127
  • SPI Toolmakers Microscope
  • SPI Rectangular STELL Gage Block Sets Inch
  • SPI Portable Surface Roughness Tester

Shop for SPI Products at Willrich Precision

Since 1973, Willrich Precision have gained the trust of our customers worldwide due to our consistent quality of the precision measuring instruments. This untiring confidence of our customers has enabled us to focus on stocking only the top grade products required by the metrology, inspection, and gaging industry.

At Willrich Precision, it is easy to find a wide range of products from SPI, including the SPI Internal Chamfer Gage, SPI Electronic Thickness Gage, SPI Microscope on a Boom Stand, and more, included in our inventory. Among many reasons why you should shop at Willrich for SPI products is our competitive pricing for all of the products that we carry. Browse through our inventory today and get ready to be impressed!

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