Van Keuren

Van Keuren is a company that has a long history of manufacturing precision instruments such as round and straight cylinders, thread and gear measuring wires, ring gages and cylindrical plugs. The use of high-tech thread manufacturing processes puts the company ahead of most competitors. The use of these processes results in higher precision as well as greater longevity for the gages and cylinders. This is combined with the use of high quality materials to result in measuring equipment that is highly accurate, long lasting and very good value for money. The measuring instruments manufactured by Van Keuren are used in many industries including (but not limited to) machining, manufacturing plants, research and aerospace engineering.

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Popular Products from Van Keuren

High accuracy testing requires the use of carefully-made equipment. Willrich Precision Instruments stocks Van Keuren products which offer this at affordable rates. These include:

  • Van Keuren Optical Flats
  • Van Keuren Taperlock Tin Coated Gages
  • Van Keuren Threaded Ring Gages
  • Van Keuren 60-Degree Threads
  • Van Keuren Thread Measuring Wire Sets
  • Van Keuren 3-Wire Measuring System
  • Van Keuren Extra Length Plug Gage

Shop for Van Keuren Products at Willrich Precision Instrument

Willrich Precision Instruments prides itself in offering an impressive array of measuring solutions from Van Keuren. Browse through our inventory find the product you are looking for with ease. If you need more technical information regarding specific products, our experienced and dedicated customer care team will be on hand to help. Our policy of competitive pricing also ensures that you get good value for money when you shop with us.

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