Mitutoyo TAGLENS

Mitutoyo TAGLENS/  There are major problems with optical inspection of three dimensional targets using conventional lenses, including variable distances, inclination, movement, and multiple reflections. The result of these problems is that some surfaces are out of focus in every image. The TAGLENS has ground-breaking ultra-deep focus, which allows completely in-focus images of the target to be captured instantaneously. This revolution in optical inspection will dramatically improve productivity and efficiency

The TAGLENS, the breakthrough ultra-fast varifocal lens, will always keep your sample in focus, enabling the highest observation and measurement efficiency ever.

Until now, imaging for subjects with differing heights and depths was performed by capturing multiple images while moving the camera vertically (Z-axis motion). In contrast, the TAGLENS allows for real-time probing of multiple heights or depths without the need for vertical motion

A focused image in any specified Z-position can be captured without mechanical drive system within the observation range using an extended
depth of focus with the TAGLENS.
• Multiple images focused in selected Z-positions can be captured in real-time.
• Captured images are provided without any image processing algorithms.

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Mitutoyo TAGLENS Features:

  • A large depth of focus even in a high-magnification observation eliminates the need for focus adjustment improving the inspection efficiency.\
  • Eliminates the use of a mechanical autofocus drive unit, achieving cost saving of inspection devices.
  • Allows shooting of multiple deep images at a single time, thus capturing all scattered chips.
  • Allows for all of the particles spread over a wide range to come into focus.
  • Enables the 3D positions of spatially-moving particles to be determined from any focusing position.
  • The TAGLENS can be used to observe microfluidic channels
  • The large depth of focus eliminates the need for focus adjustment, speeding up the inspection process by allowing observation regardless of the angle.
  • The TAGLENS' performance is insensitive to orientation. This property makes the TAGLENS a robust solution for inspection at various angles with respect to the sample. Now you can enhance your inspection throughput without moving or rotating the sample.

Ultra-deep-focus eliminates the most important conventional lens limitation. In optical inspection of three-dimensional targets the complicating factors of variable distance, inclination and movement inevitably result in some surfaces being out of focus in every image captured, which has always been the major issue with conventional lenses.

  • real-time all-focused-images are obtained by scanning the focal length range at high speed. TAGLENS requires absolutely no mechanical power when scanning, and is characterized by its ability to provide images across all focal lengths without stress, and at the desired magnification and resolving power.
  • TAGLENS does not require a mechanical auto focus. TAGLENS reduces the time consumed for auto-focusing, contributing to the improvement of the data processing speed of the inspection device.


Resonance frequency 70 kHz
Effective aperture ø11 mm
Transmittance 90% or more (λ400 nm to 700 nm)
Refractivity range 0.7 D to 1 D
Mountable posture All directions
Accuracy guaranteed temperature range 15 °C to 30 °C
Operating Environment / Humidity 10 °C to 40 °C / 40% to 70% RH or less
Storage Environment / Humidity -10 °C to 50 °C / 80% RH or less
Mass Approx. 0.6 kg


Video Microscope Unit VMU-T1

Imaging lens magnification 1X
Imaging area ø11 mm
Applicable objective lenses M Plan Apo Series
Options Manual turret, Power turret,
Polarizer and Analyzer, Focusing unit,
X-Y stage, Simple stand
Variable focal length range
M Plan Apo Series
Objective lens 1X 2X 5X 7.5X 10X 20X 50X
Depth of focus ×2 0.88 0.18 0.028 0.012 0.007 0.003 0.0018
Total scanning depth (mm) 16 4 0.64 0.28 0.16 0.04 0.007
Real FOV
1/2 inch camera 4.8 × 6.4 2.4 × 3.2 0.96 × 1.28 0.64 × 0.85 0.48 × 0.64 0.24 × 0.32 0.096 × 0.128
2/3 inch camera 6.6 × 8.8 3.3 × 4.4 1.32 × 1.76 0.88 × 1.17 0.66 × 0.88 0.33 × 0.44 0.132 × 0.176
Note: M Plan Apo HR Series is not supported.


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