AutoComp Software- Tool offset

AutoComp software now makes automatic tool offsetting and error-free tooling control a reality.

Any gauging device can provide dimensional measurements and AutoComp calculates the necessary tooling adjustments. Parts may be measured on any type of gauging equipment such as CMMs, Digital Tooling, Gauge Fixtures with LVDTs, Laser Micrometers, Vision Systems and Wireless Gauge Devices. Don’t see your device?
We can write drivers to retrieve data from nearly any type/brand of electronic measuring equipment.

PartView enables the importing of a JPG image directly into AutoComp. You can then label the JPG image with each area of the part being measured for deviation. AutoComp’s PartView allows the operator to more easily identify which area of the part will be compensated.

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AutoComp Software- Tool offset software:
ACCEPTS PART MEASUREMENTS FROM WIFI GAUGING DEVICES Wireless data entry allows the operator to measure and simultaneously transmit the data. AutoComp will then automatically
compensate tool offsets without tedious manual data input. This feature expedites the data-entry process and virtually eliminates dataentry errors.

MAINTAINS ACCEPTABLE TOLERANCES OF MACHINED PARTS AutoComp statistically controls your tool offsets to maintain acceptable tolerances of your machined
parts by calculating tool compensation based upon tolerance limits and tool compensation limits using a running average.

REPORTS A TOOL CHANGE NEED TO THE OPERATOR When the tool has been compensated more than a user defined threshold, a wear-limit is issued, informing
the operator that the tool needs to be changed. A signal can also be sent to the CNC control so that a redundant tool can be called automatically or the machine can be stopped before the next cycle

COMPILES AND REPORTS HISTORICAL TOOL WEAR MEASUREMENTS All measurement and compensation data is saved to
a file. The data is date and time stamped for later analysis. The operator also receives real-time status of the useful life for each tool.

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