Chatillon GF-3 Wire Grips


Grooved snubber and post design ensures centerline breaks of flexible wires and cable up to 1.6mm (0.06 in) diameter. The 25mm (1 in) diameter snubber is mounted on a swiveling plate so that the sample aligns when force is applied.

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The Chatillon GF-3 Wire Grips Applications:

Grooved snubber, and post design assures center break of flexible wire up to 1/16" diameter.
May also be used for testing cord, rubber or filaments. 1" diameter aluminum snubber is mounted on swiveling plate so that specimen will align with force when load is applied. Ball socket mounting screw in upper grip assures proper alignment with lower grip.

Chatillon GF-3 Wire Grips:

  • Capacity: 200 lb
  • Upper grip weight: 5 oz
  • Combined grip length: 8-3/4″

Download the Chatillon GF-3 Wire Grip product information using the link below:

Chatillon GF3 Wire Grip

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