Mark-10 3-point / 4-point Bend Fixtures


Mark-10 family of bend fixtures is designed for 3-point and 4-point bend testing of plastics, metals, ceramics, tubing, and many other materials. Two base sizes are available, along with an upper anvil, and optional roller diameters. Use a base-anvil combination for 3-point bend testing or two bases for 4-point bend testing.  Bases feature movable blocks with multiple V-grooves to accept several roller diameters. 10 mm dia. rollers are included, and other sizes are available.  The bases feature engraved rulers, dual-graduated with an inch scale on one side and mm scale on the other. Integrated eye end receptacles facilitate mounting to load cells, force gauges, and test stands. The bases also include thru-holes and mounting screws for direct mounting to certain force test stands.



Mark-10 3-point / 4-point Bend Fixtures Features:

  • Designed for 3-point and 4-point bend testing
  • Accommodate a broad sample size range
  • Rugged design
  • Dual graduated rulers – in and mm
  • Compatible with the following test stands: ESM303, ESM1500, TSFM500-DC, ES30, TSA750 (with optional loading table), TSC1000, TSF.
  • Recommended for use with a motorized test stand.
  • May be used with eye end adapters or mounted to test stands with mounting screws (except anvil – eye end mounting only).

Available Options

bend-fixture-base Product Number
G1096 2,000lb capacity G1096
G1095- 500lb capacity G-1095

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mark-10 force gages

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