Chatillon ML-1700 Tensile Grip


These miniature wedge action grips are ideal for tensile testing wire, filaments, fibers, cables, etc. Grips have serrated teeth for extra gripping power as tensile force is applied.

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Chatillon ML-1700 Tensile Grip Applications:

This hardened steel fixture has a retractable jaw with serrated teeth for extra gripping power while performing tensile testing.


Chatillon ML-1700 Tensile Grip:

  • 6 mm (1/4 in) Jaw opening to 5.56 mm (0.22 in)
  • Accepts wire gauges up to #10 heavy duty
  • Ideal for rapid, semi-automatic testing of wire, filaments, fibers and cable
  • Capacity 2 kN, 450 lbf
  • Packaging Single grip only

Download the Chatillon ML-1700 Tensile Grip  product information using the link below:

Chatillon ML-1700 Tensile Grip

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