Dillon U-Force Gage


The Dillon U Series Force Gage offers low profile compression testing for applications with limited vertical space. Force is applied to a hardened fitting mounted on the upper beam surface.

2 Year Warranty

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Dillon U-Force Gage Features:

  • Constructed of quality alloy steel
  • Rotating dial with zero adjust lock for zero adjustment
  • Flat bottom surface standard on all models; recessed bottom available on models thru 250 pounds for limited vertical clearance (0.349" thick)
  • Large easy-to-read dial available with pound, kilogram or Newton graduations
  • Optional shock resistant dial indicator is available for added shock protection
  • May be permanently mounted on a plate or in test fixtures

Flat Fitting

Cup Fitting

Dillon U-Force Gage:

  • Accurate (±1% of full range)
  • Mechanical compression-measurement instrument
  • Measurement in pounds or kilograms
  • Flat-bottom design
  • Include a maximum pointer which remains at peak load until it is reset

Download the Dillon U-Force Gage product literature by using the link below:

Dillon U-Force Gage

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