Dorsey Metrology Dial Bore Gages

Dorsey Metrology DBL Series – Internal Dial Bore Gages. DBL self centralizing bore gages are ideal for toolroom applications.
Only 4 moving parts are used in this precision  economical gage. All DBL series gages include carbide centralizing contacts, a .0001″ graduation dial
indicator and fitted wooden storage box.

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Dorsey Metrology DBL Bore Gage Features:

  • Measurement range from .25" to 6"
  • Ergonomic and massive thermal isolation handle
  • Integrated range extension / contact. Replaceable contacts available in steel, carbide or diamond
  • Robust external centralizer reed spring
  • Stainless steel plunger is encased in lightweight extension tubing. Custom length available up to 72"
  • Proven cam transfer is accurate and linear over its entire range

Download the Dorsey Metrology Bore Gauge product information using the below link:

Dorsey Metrology Dial Bore Gage DBL Series


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