Dorsey Metrology RLBG Series – Retractable Bore Gage

The RLBG Series retractable bore gages are designed per application. They are primarily used to check deep holes where long retraction is required. Recessed diameters
and grooves can be checked for size, taper, or out of roundness. Trigger action retracts and expands contacts. The gage has a fast, smooth, and uniform gaging pressure
over its entire range.

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Dorsey Metrology RLBG Series – Retractable Bore Gage Features:

Cast aluminum or lightweight composite pistol grip housing.
Gage can be designed to retract into or away from the indicator.
Fixed or interchangeable contacts.
Depth stop or scale-on-shaft facilitates checking at a specific depth.
Single piece or multiple screw together gaging shafts.
2 or 3 point measurement.

Groove measurement Precise groove measurements can be made easily and accurately.

Spherical or irregular shape measurement
Spherical shaped contacts can be useful in deep bores where holding the bore gage straight in the bore is difficult. Depth stops are also very helpful in the alignment of bore gages.

Spline & Gear measurement Spline or gear measurement of pitch diameter or major diameter is available.

Ball race or radius groove measurement The RLBG can be configured to quickly and accurately check ball races and spherical grooves.


Dorsey Metrology RLBG Series - Retractable Bore Gage

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