DYN groove gage

Dorsey’s Dynamike Model DYN groove gage combines a patented ball bushing slide with a series of gaging arms to suit almost any application. Gaging contact retraction is accomplished by using a conveniently mounted thumb lever while gaging range adjustment is accomplished by sliding the static gaging arm along its precision ground rail.

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DYN groove gage Features:

  • .500″ (13mm) of gaging travel/retraction.
  • .75″ to 3.50″ (19mm – 88mm) diameter range.
  • 3″ Long precision ground adjustment rail.
  • Precision machined cast jig plate frame.
  • Thermal isolation grips.
  • Can accommodate any of Dorsey “High Amplification”, “Traditional”, or digital indicator.
  • Retraction pulls away from indicator.
  • Indicator can be rotated 360 degrees to suit any application.

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dyn groove gages

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