Edmunds Gages Accusetter II Column Amplifier

Edmunds Accusetter II Column Amplifier

Edmunds Gages Accusetter II is simply the most flexible and advanced column amplifier for air and electronic gaging in the industry today

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Edmunds Gages Accusetter II Column Amplifier Features:

  •  4-Check Capability – Up to 4 checks can be programmed allowing up to 4 single input electronic gages to be used simultaneously, or 4 different checks with one 4-input gage.
  • Auto Recognition – Accusetter II can identify which gage is being used in the multiple fixture program without manual intervention. For example, if there are two gages connected to the Accusetter, the system will automatically
    display the correct gage being used. The operator does not have to select the correct check to be displayed. The system also does the same during the calibration procedure.
  • Program Storage – Up to 6 part programs can be stored in the Accusetter software program allowing fast changeover of different setups. Additional programs can be stored offline and uploaded to the Accusetter II.
  • Auto Reset – For dynamic gaging, this feature allows a programmable time delay after the tooling is inserted into the part before the display is updated with the new measurement. The time delay is programmable from1 to 10 seconds

Download the Edmunds Gages Accusetter II brochure by using the link below:

Edmunds Gages Accusetter II

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