Edmunds Gages Trendsetter II

Edmunds Trendsetter II Column Amplifier

The Edmunds GagesTrendsetter II is a programmable single feature gaging amplifier featuring two quick change modules – air or electronic.

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Edmunds Gages Trendsetter II Features:

  •  Easy to read dimensional values
  • Modular design adapts to many types of gaging applications
  • Digital output for data collection and reporting
  • Multiple column measurement communication
  • Low cost, economical approach to measurement
  • 10 tri-color 101-element discrete LED bargraph display denoting size and limit status
  • Alpha-numeric LED digital display
  • Inch or metric display options at the press of a button
  • 8 inch and 8 metric selectable ranges
  • End of scale LED indicators
  • Easily selected limits and range
  • Modular signal conditioning including electronic, air-to-electronic,and sum-difference capability
  • Electronic input from all Edmunds Gages LVDT products
  • Compatible with most air gage tooling including back pressure, back pressure bleed, flow and differential
  • Live, + Peak, - Peak and T.I.R. gaging modes
  • Extruded aluminum enclosure proven for the shop environment
  • 100 to 240 VAC 50 – 60HZ global switching power capability
  • RS-232C serial output
  • 24VDC Parallel Relay Contact I/O. 4 inputs, 8 outputs
  • 2.5 w x 12.12 d x 21.83 h (63.5 x 257 x 556 mm)
  • Weight: 10.5 lbs. (4.75 Kg)

Download the Edmunds Gages Trendsetter brochure by using the link below:

Edmunds Gages Trendsetter

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