Edmunds Gages Ultra-Precision Twin Head Comparator

Edmunds Gages Ultra-Precision Twin Head Comparator., The Edmunds Gages twin-head gage block comparators with resolutions to .0000001″, our universal comparator for precise
calibration of ring gages and other internal or external applications, plus software packages for gage calibration and gage management.

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Edmunds Gages  Ultra-Precision Twin Head Comparator Features
• Calibrates the full range of standard gage blocks — 0 to 20″
• Offers a choice of readout resolution as small as .0000001″
• Meets or exceeds all metrology equipment standards
• Easy to read digital display has CAL mode and auto zero function for easy setup
• Auto zero function permits instant zero setting without
mechanical or electrical adjustment
• Optional information downloading for gage documentation
• Step cam allows swift calibration of Metric and English blocks
• Calibrate blocks from .100 through .150 in an 81-piece English set without adjusting lead screw
• Oversize platen reduces downtime by providing ample soaking area
• Accommodates square or rectangular blocks

click below to download the PDF on the Edmunds Gages Gage Block Comparator:

gage block comparator

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