Tesa TWIN-T20 nano Display (04430020)


High-precision metrological display unit featuring dual display for HEIDENHAIN* probes or other measuring instruments  This display unit is compatible with all HEIDENHAIN probes, types 1 Vpp and 11 µApp. The digital indicator display makes it easy to access
changes in the standard value and dynamic mode (max., min., etc.) from the measurement screen.

The TWIN-T20 nano display allows you to measure distance, diameter and to check shape or orientation
tolerances (straightness, run-out, parallelism, perpendicularity, etc.)
This display is thus the perfect tool for dimensional inspection, adjustment or assembly of mechanical
parts guaranteeing accuracy with a quick and instinctive user display.

Applications:  Gage Block Comparator, Height, Thickness measurement with opposing probes, warping, flatness measurement

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. Key features:
• 2 HEIDENHAIN probe inputs
• Simultaneous display of 2 values
• Static or dynamic measurements
• Large 7” touch screen
• 4 integrated display styles to simplify reading of probes
• Intuitive measurement setting
• Equipped in the standard configuration for data collection and transfer



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