Flexbar Flexible Fiberoptic Borescopes


With the use of a flexible fiberoptic borescope you can reduce or eliminate costly machine teardown for inspection purposes. These borescopes can help detect worn, damaged or inadequate conditions in areas normally not accessible.

Flexible borescopes can be used for quality assurance applications, preventative maintenance, general inspection and various other shop floor and viewing of hard to reach/see spots.

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Flexbar Flexible Fiberoptic Borescopes Features:

  • B-Style, Diopter Adjustable Eyepiece.
  • ACMI Light Guide Connector.
  • New LED Portable Light Handle included.
  • Carrying Case & Light handle


Flexbar Flexible Fiberoptic Borescopes Technical Specifications:

  • Shaft Dia.: .312″ (7.9mm).
  • Shaft Length: 24″.
  • Min. Bend Radius: 1.5″.
  • Field of View: 60°.
  • Depth of Field: 2″ – 3.0″.

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