Flexbar Precision Roughness Standard (16037)


The Flexbar Precision Reference Standard provides an economical calibration tool which permits the technician to calibrate surface analyzing equipment to its peak efficiency. It is the only calibration block on the market to show the actual patch mean values of low and high microinch surfaces and certified by N.I.S.T.  There is an optional long form certification with data by ISO-17025 Accredit lab.

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The Flexbar  surface roughness precision reference standard consists of a series of parallel, uniform, "V-shaped" grooves having an included angle of 150° between the sides. Since the surface character of the Precision Reference Standard is unlike normally machined surfaces, it is not recommended for use in visual or tactual comparison.


IS0-17025 Calibration Certificate

Report of Calibration by N.I.S.T.
The property of surface roughness in the 125 microinch range and below is maintained by N.I.S.T. by means of master roughness specimens conforming to ANSI-B 46.1. The master specimens were calibrated by measuring their surface profile with a stylusi nstrument which in turn was calibrated by an interferometrically measured step. The areas under the profile curves were then measured and the roughness average computed. The accuracy of this measurements 2% for the 119.5 and 1 microinch for the 16.1.

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