Flexbar three patch precision surface roughness standard (16030)


The specimens are identified by surface texture symbols representing nominal Ra(roughness average) in both microinches and micrometers.

The Precision Reference Standard 3-Patch was developed to meet industry’s requirements for a versatile standard which would allow the user to perform several important calibration checks on many stylus type surface roughness measurement instruments.

The Precision Reference Standard not only allows the user to check the stylus condition and high-end amplification of his instrument, but provides a specimen which now allows the user to check the low-end amplification of his instrument more accurately than with previously available standards.

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The 3 Specimen Patches provided include:
- 118 Microinch (3.0 micrometer) specimen - to check high-end amplification and low-frequency count.
- 14 Microinch (0.35 micrometer) specimen - to check low-end amplification and middle-frequency count.
- Stylus Check Specimen- to check relative stylus condition and high-frequency count.

The high or top patch is  Ra 118
The middle or low patch is  Ra 14
The bottom patch is  used to check the stylus   which should be around Ra of 12.

Your stylus is considered good  if it reads between Ra 20- Ra -12 which is the range of this high frequency count specimen.




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