Mitutoyo Reference Step Specimen 178-611 Surftest SJ-410 (178-611)


The 178-611 Surftest SJ-410 Mitutoyo Reference Step Specimen

  • Used to calibrate detector sensitivity
  • Step nominal values: 2µm/10µm

(1) Measurement result of difference and parallelism are described to inspection certificate.
(2) Differences are measured by interferometer measurement.
(3) Allowance of adjoined step difference against nominal value is less than 15%.
(4) Accuracy of measurement value of difference is less than 0.05um.
(5) Parallelism of each block against undersurface is less than 0.05um (per 8mm).
(6) Gaps between blocks are less than 0.05mm.
(7) Chamfering of block is less than 0.05mm.

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