Fowler Dial Caliper


Fowler Calipers combine microfine graduations, the protection of a covered rack and the accuracy of a hardened stainless steel rack


Fowler Dial Caliper Features:

  • Thumbroll for rapid setting.
  • Beam graduations: .100″
  • Four-way jaw for outside, inside, depth and step measurements.
  • Hardened stainless steel throughout with measuring faces precision ground and microlapped for exceptional accuracy.
  • Knurled lock assures precise settings.
  • Adjustable dial.
  • Scale surface is satin chrome finished to prevent glare, reduces operator fatigue; microfine graduations read in inches.
  • Includes case
  • Range/Revolution

Available Options

range Product Number
6" 52-008-005
6" 52-008-007
8" 52-008-008
12" 52-008-012

Fowler Dial Caliper:

Fowler Dial Caliper

Download the Fowler Dial Caliper product information using the link below:

Fowler Dial Caliper


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