Fowler Micrometer Calibration Set (53-670-002)


Calibration Gauge Block Kits are available with steel blocks or zirconium-based ceramic blocks that are abrasion- and corrosion-resistant. Block sizes range from 0.0625″ to 2″ (9-piece set) and 0.10005″ to 4.0″ (36-piece set).

Kits include a protective wooden case.


Fowler Micrometer Calibration Set Features:

  • 9 Pc. rectangular sets including two optical flats.
  • Assists in meeting both ASME B89.1.9 and ISO 9000 requirements
  • Contains one block of each of the following sizes: .0625, .100, .125, .200, .250, .300, .500, 1.000 & 2.000″
  • TWO OPTICAL FLATS that vary in size by .0125″ which allows checking anvil faces at half rotations of spindle for measuring flatness
  • Supplied with fitted wooden case and certification to N.I.S.T. on each block
  • Meets grade Ø specifications

Download the Fowler Micrometer Calibration Set product literature using the link below:

Fowler Micrometer Calibration Set

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