Fowler Pin Gage Sets Class ZZ X-Tended Range Black Oxide


Fowler X-Tended Range Pin Gage Set

Ideal for checking hole size, location, gage slots, distance between holes,go/no-go gaging and setting other gages and micrometers


Fowler Pin Gage Sets Features:

  • Class ZZ Pin Gages
  • Black oxide finish offers extra protection against corrosion and rust, promotes longer life, and highlights wear trends that enables calibration to be performed more effectively
  • 240 pcs
  • Range: 0.011″ – 0.250″ in .001″ increments.
  • Set includes 2 handles and our X-Glide all purpose teflon lubricant
  • Certificate of accuracy traceable to N.I.S.T. and registered ISO 900

Available Options

Class ZZ Pin Gage Set Range Product Number
.011"-.250" J53-880-833
.011"-.250" J53-880-823

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