Fowler Portable Durometers


Fowler’s Portable Durometers are just right for testing the hardness of flexible materials such as rubber and plastics. These gages conform to shore scales.


Fowler Portable Durometers Features and Specifications:

  • Manufactured in accordance with DIN, ASTM, ISO and
  • JIS specifications, two styles are available in both analog
  • and digital readout.
  • Both A and D scale units are available to fit a wide variety
  • of applications.
  • Test pieces should have a thickness of at least .20″ (5mm) to provide accurate readings that conform to Shore A hardness scales and at least .12″ (3mm) for Shore D hardness scales.
  • The test piece size should extend .47″ (12mm) from each side.
  • The test piece surface should be smooth and have sufficient area to be able to support the base of the hardness tester.
  • Includes reference test block, operating instructions and fitted case.


Available Options

item Product Number
Analog Durometer - Blunt taper 35° (A) 53-762-001
Analog Durometer - Sharp 30° point (D) 53-762-002
Economy Analog Durometer - Blunt taper 35° (A) 53-762-101
Economy Analog Durometer - Sharp 30° (D) 53-762-102
Digital Durometer - Blunt taper 35° (A) 54-762-001
Digital Durometer - Sharp 30° point (D) 54-762-002

Fowler Portable Durometers Technical Specifications:

Fowler Durometers Tech Info

Download the Fowler Portable Durometers product information using the link below:

Fowler Durometers Product Info

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