Glastonbury Southern Gage AGD Snap Gages


Glastonbury Southern Gage AGD Snap Gages provide a quick and easy attribute method of checking outside diameters, groove diameters, or width dimensions by having the go and no go elements set into the snap gage. Willrich Precision offers 3 assorted frame styles with sizes ranging up to 8 5/8″. Larger frame sizes are quoted upon request. The anvil gaging contacts are adjustable and can be set to various sizes within a range. The anvil gaging surfaces are made of hardened ground and lapped tool steel. Marking discs are supplied on all snap gages. Carbide anvils are priced on request.

Plain Snap gages are designed for quick inspection of diameters of cylinders and shafts in machining processes. Snap gages are a quick way to check the outside diameter of a shaft while still in a machine or an OD that is difficult to locate/reach with ring gages.

Snap gages are available in three styles:

  • Type “A with pin type anvils
  • Type “C with flat square anvils (most common)
  • Type “MC Midget style type c

Snap gages are for both English and metric measurements. Snap gages can be “Set several times as they wear during use.

They can be purchased “Set & Sealed” from the factory or set and sealed in your facility. Snap Gages cover a range of sizes from 0″ to 11 5/8″.


Download the Glastonbury Southern Gage AGD Snap Gages product information using the link below:

Glastonbury Southern Gage AGD Limit Snap Gages

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