Granite Surface Plates

Granite Surface Plates provide an accurate reference surface from which final dimensions are taken for work inspection and for work layout. Their high degree of flatness, overall quality and workmanship also make them ideal bases for mounting sophisticated mechanical, electronic and optical gaging systems.

Granite Surface Plates – Starrett and other brands offered.

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Grade AA Surface Plates, Grade A Surface Plates, Grade B Surface Plates

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Granite Surface Plates:


  • Surface Plate Stands Stationary and rolling stands are available
  • Surface Plate Cleaner Keep surface plates and other precision granite products in top condition
  • Surface Plate Cover Protect your plates precise flatness and micro-finish from abrasive dust.

Crystal Pink Granite Surface Plates

  • Surface Finish
  • Even distribution of large quartz crystals provides a smooth finish, which virtually eliminates wear on the surface plate and the instruments used on it. This fine micro-finish, combined with the natural voids in the surface, prevents wringing and provides a velvety-smooth tool action.
  • Wear Life
  • Our experience with surface plate performance in customers' plants shows that non-quartz-bearing granite in average daily use requires relapping about once a year. Crystal Pink plates used in these same plants have only required relapping once every three- to five years.

Black Granite Surface Plates

  • For general inspection work, for working plates throughout the shop and load carrying applications.
  • The properties of black granite surface plates include a high modulus of elasticity, tight porosity and very fine grain. Since they contain no crystalline quartz, their wear life is less than that of Crystal Pink. However, they have a very fine finish and meet flatness requirements equally well.

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Granite Surface Plates

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