Gun Barrel Air Gages

Willrich Precision offers gun barrel air plugs designed for every combination of size and rifle rate.  These plugs are available in hard chrome plated steel, and are used with air gage amplifiers.

-Measure spiral rifle bore land & groove diameters

We need to know the land and groove width to verify which type of gage to quote. Other information needed

  • Minor bore diameter and tolerance____________________
  • Major groove and tolerance___________________
  • Landing width (minor bore)
  • Groove width_____________________
  • Twist spec__________________________
  • Number of grooves________________________
  • Length of barrel_______________________


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Measuring the bore of a gun barrel is not easy task. Especially if you desire to measure the diameter  of the spiral “rifle groove, or the land diameter between these grooves.

Measure Gun Barrel accurately with air gages.

Technical Information needed to quote
The Caliber and diameter and twist rate and how many grooves.
Need landing area width
Groove width and depth


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