JO-PLUG tapped hole location gage solid construction

JO-PLUG® tapped hole location gage.

The Precision JO-PLUG® true position locator remains the best gage on the market for determining  true position, perpendicularity, and projected tolerance zone of threaded holes or tapped hole in  conjunction with a CMM

Their solid thread  form assures that the JO-PLUG® pitch diameter is calibrated, (front and back),  using the universal three-wire method.  ANSI/ASME Y14.5 M -1994, (R’99),  Dimensioning and Tolerancing, states that “each tolerance of orientation and datum reference  specified for a screw thread applies to the axis of the thread derived from the pitch cylinder.

The JO-PLUG® pitch diameter is coaxial to the cylinder portion of the gage, which projects a greater  cylindrical tolerance zone than any other standard center-line locator on the market.

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JO-Plug Hole Location Gage Features:

  • JO-PLUG pitch diameters are calibrated, (front and back), using the universal three-wire method.
  • JO-PLUG Standard gaging diameter is .200 (+/-.0001
  • JO-PLUG Concentricity between gaging diameter and pitch diameter of thread is within .00015 T.I.R.
  • JO-PLUG Squareness of lapped seating surface to axis is within .0001

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