Laser Displacement Sensor 1600 Series, 0.125″ to 50″

The 1600 series laser distance sensor delivers a complete non contact laser displacement measurement system complete in one compact package. This sensor uses laser triangulation to accurately measure distances from materials detect such as metals, rubber, plastic and wood products. The series includes a wiode range of twelve (12) DSP sensors with measurement ranges from 3.175 to 1270 mm. Pair two 1600 series laser sensors together for thickness measurements or groups several together to make a web monitoring system. This laser sensor has been successfully used to measure production of lumber, metals, and rubber in line under production conditions and has also been used to measure parts on stationary inspection benches.

The 1600 series incorporate the latest in CCD Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology which significantly reduces the laser speckle problem enabling them to easily measure materials with colors ranging from black rubber to white.

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Laser Displacement Sensor 1600 Series Features:

  • 3.175 to 1270mm (0.125 to 50") measurement ranges
  • 0.935µm resolution on the 3.175mm measurement range
  • 1250Hz maximum measurement frequency
  • Complete system in one housing
  • Outputs include RS 232 and optional analog
  • Class 2 laser for plant safety for sensors up to 152mm measuring range. All larger ranges are class 3A


  • Analog outputs 4-20ma (scalable) (optional) Serial output RS 232 (300 - 56Kb) binary or ASCII

1600 Series Specifications:

laser lds

  • Laser power Class 2, 650nm red visible diode for measurement ranges to 152mm
  • Class 3A for measurement ranges from 203 to 1270mm
  • Power (VDC): 12 to 24
  • Operating Temp: 0 to 50°C
  • Weight: 85g (3 oz.)
  • Dimensions: L* x 94.23 x 27.94
  • Enclosure aluminum, Nema – 4, IP -67
  • Sample rate: 1250Hz. Maximum


  • Analog outputs 4-20ma (scalable) (optional) Serial output RS 232 (300 – 56Kb) binary or ASCII


  • Higher power upgrades for dark, shinny and radiating surfaces
  • Optical filter for bright or glowing targets
  • 4 – 20ma current loop output
  • RS 422 serial output
  • 1600 series utility software to set parameters and to read measurements
  • Integrated cables with power supply

Call 866-9945-5742 or email: for more information.

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