Machida Battery Operated Borescope System

Originally designed specifically for the helicopter engine market, battery operated borescopes offer a portable feature to allow for easier, faster inspections in a variety of fields. Scopes can be connected to a light source or a portable LED battery operated light source. It can be utilized with video systems, video accessories, or can be attached to a digital camera.

The Battery Operated Flexible Borescope Kit Consists of: Flexible Borescope, Miniature Light Source, Portable Battery Operated Light Source Set, Detachable Light Guide Cable, Light Guide Sleeve, and Pelican Carrying Case. A Video System is also available at an additional cost. Custom Scopes and Aviation Kits for individual applications are available on a special order basis.

All Machida Flexible Borescopes come equipped with a durable, chemical resistant, non-abrasive polyurethane outer covering. On most models, an impregnated steel mesh covering can be substituted upon request at no additional charge.

Call 866-9945-5742 or email: [email protected] for more information.

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Machida Battery Operated Borescope System Features: (FBA-4B-100P / MCV-510S)

  • High Resolution
  • Digital Camera
  • Borescopic Lens and Adapter
  • 8 inch Flat Screen Color Monitor
  • Light Guide Cable
  • Light Sleeve
  • Battery Pack Handle
  • Miniature Light Source
  • Pelican Case
  • One Power Cable
  • Customizable Lengths
  • Ideal for Field Use

Machida Battery Operated Borescope System Technical Specifications:

  • Outer Diameter: 4mm
  • Working Length: 100cm
  • Angulation (Up/Down): 120 Degrees
  • Case Size: 13x12x6 inches

Available Accessories:


  • Portable Light Source Set – Battery Handle, Batteries (2), Battery Charger
  • Light Guide Sleeve
  • Light Guide Cable
  • Carrying Case
  • Miniature Light Source


  • Video Bus Cable to capture images
  • Video System
  • Lens Adapter
  • Replacement Portable Light Source
  • Replacement Battery Charger
  • Replacement Rechargeable Batteries (2)

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