Mahr 840E Electronic Snap Gage (4453000)


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Mahr 840E Electronic Snap Gage Features:

  • Inductive measuring system incorporated directly into frame
  • Readings selectable down to 0.01 μm
  • Rugged, forged steel frame with heat insulators
  • Measuring spindle mounted in extra long guideway with levercontrolled retraction
  • Anvil spindle can easily be fine adjusted
  • Measuring spindle and anvil spindle made of hardened stainless steel; measuring faces carbide-tipped
  • Adjustable center stop for automatic alignment
  • Extremely accurate due to the straight transfer of spindle movement to the inductive measuring system according to the Abbe principle
  • Universally applicable and extremely versatile, each instrument spans a broad measuring range, within this range any dimension and fit can be very quickly and easily adjusted
  • Maximum wear resistance due to non-contact positioning in conjunction with carbide-tipped measuring faces
  • Constant measuring force as a result of built-in spring, thus eliminating user influence
  • Supplied with: Wooden case


Mahr 840E Electronic Snap Gage Technical Specifications:

Mahr Federal 840E Electronic Snap Gage tech specs

Download the Mahr 840E Electronic Snap Gage product information using the link below:

Mahr Federal 840E Electronic Snap Gage

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