Mahr µMaxµm II Inductive Digital Comparator


Mahr Inductive Digital Comparator µMaxµm with tolerance function.



Mahr  µMaxµm II Inductive Digital Comparator Functions:

  • Inch/Metric – operator selectable with switchable resolution.
  • Normal / Reverse Sensing Preset capabilities to view actual size
  • Absolute Transducer – no overspeed errors or constant re-zeroing. Transducer always remembers its location, even if power is off
  • High resolution digital readout and analog bar graph – digital display shows deviation from
  • zero or actual dimension size (Preset)
  • Lightweight, contamination resistant – ruggedly built to withstand hard use
  • gasketed case, crystal and stem assemblies resist fluid
  • Calibratable – if ever needed – values remembered even after battery change.
  • MarConnect data output: USB, OPTO RS232C, Digimatic
  • Auto-power down – provides extremely low battery
  • consumption, assuring long life from readily available commercial batteries.
  • Increased resolution (0.0002 mm / 10 μinch) for Go/NoGo Display Feature

Advanced Functions:

  • Dynamic mode operation: Max, Min, TIR
  • Two point difference measurement – provides comparison of two readings or measuring locations.
  • Calculate the distance between 2 measured values
  • Multiplier factor for ratio measurements
  • Hold function – holds reading on display until ready to resume measuring
  • Data output with serial number identification capability
  • Data output with selectable continuous output or single request of reading(s)

Available Options

item Product Number
Mahr Federal µMaxµm II 2034201- Advanced Digital Comparator (stem diameter: .375") 2034201
Mahr Federal µMaxµm II 2034203- Advanced Digital Comparator (stem diameter: .375") 2034203
Mahr Federal µMaxµm II 2034205- Advanced Digital Comparator (stem diameter: 8mm) 2034205
Mahr Federal µMaxµm II 2034207- Advanced Digital Comparator (stem diameter: 8mm) 2034207
Mahr Federal µMaxµm II 2034401- Advanced Perpendicular Digital (stem diameter: .375") 2034401
Mahr Federal µMaxµm II 2034101- Standard Digital Comparator (stem diameter: .375") 2034101
Mahr Federal µMaxµm II 2034103- Standard Digital Comparator (stem diameter: .375") 2034103
Mahr Federal µMaxµm II 2034105- Standard Digital Comparator (stem diameter: 8mm) 2034105
Mahr Federal µMaxµm II 2034107- Standard Digital Comparator (stem diameter: 8mm) 2034107

Download the Mahr µMaxµm II Inductive Digital Comparator product information using the link below:

Mahr µMaxµm II I

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