Mahr Federal 57B Wire & Small DiameterThickness Gages


This gages is used at checking wall thickness of wire insulation and other small-diameter tubular parts.

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Mahr Federal 57B Wire Insulation Thickness Gages Features:

  • Using the basic design of the Model 57B-13 (Model 57B-13M —Metric) Gage,  the lower contact is PT-103, 1.10 mm / .043 diameter rod, mounted horizontally. The upper contact is a flat chisel contact , in line with the rod. By slipping tubular parts onto the lower contact, the gage can measure the thickness of the wall of the tube. An auxiliary weight on the Indicator provides a total  dead-load weight of 25 grams. (Replacement lower rod: PS-43)
  • Dial Indicator readout


Mahr Federal 57B Wire Insulation Thickness Gages Technical Specifications:

Digital version :2057550 THICKNESS GAGE, 57B-13 W/ 1086 RI, 25G TDL, .043″ PIN


Please click below to download the PDF on Mahr 57B Thickness Gages

mahr 57b-13

Digital version PDF – Click below


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