Mahr Federal 832 Single Master Digital Dimensionair Amplifier


Digital Dimensionair amplifier available in Low Magnification or High Magnification.  Also available in single or dial inputs.

Low Mag
Range                                Digital Res.            Analog Res.        Tool ID.
±.080mm/± .003in      .0002mm/10µin   .004mm/150µin  60
±.040mm/± .0015in     .0002mm/10µin  .002mm/75µin     50
±.020mm/± .00075in .0002mm/10µin   .001mm/38µin     20

High Mag
Range                                     Digital Res.        Analog Res.     Tool ID.
±.008mm/± .0003in   .0004mm/15µin   .0002mm/8µin    10
±0.004mm/±.00015in .0001mm/ 5µin   .0002mm/8µin     5

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DIGITAL STYLE Mahr Air Amplifier.
• Digital and analog displays
• A stable and reliable system for manufacturing environments.
• Only a single master required to set zero
• Ranges and resolutions for any air gage application including 2-, 3-, 4- and 6-jet tooling
• Minimum, Maximum,T.I.R., nominal ,actual value for dynamic measurement capability.
• RS-232 Output
• Master Deviation - enhances measurement by making Auto Zero even more accurate
• Analog Output - Vdc signal output that represents full scale reading of the display
• Four Limits - permit classifying parts into five size categories. TTL or optional relay output available for machine control.
• Auto-Zero - simplifies setup by automatically zeroing the display when gaging the nominal "Zero" master
• Hold/Resume - "freezes" dynmaic measurements for data capture.
• Selectable password for full lockout or individual lockout in both setup/ gaging modes.
• Housing - high impact, oil resistant
• Multiplier - scale factor adjustment - automatically compensates for applications using ratios.
• Actual/Preset Values – allows entering a preset value for actual part size as part of the displayed value.
• Analog Scale Multiplier - changes resolution of the analog bar graph.
• Built-in digital pressure setting meter.
• Selectable Inch or Metric units.
• 2-channel, differential unit available for taper, center distance, squareness and other critical checks.



Repeatability – ±1 digit or ±1% of range, whichever is greater
Calibration Accuracy – ±1 digit*
Linear Error – ±1 digit
Data Output – RS-232, transmits Channels A, B, (or both – dual input models only)
Analog Output – ±5 Vdc full scale for displayed value signal ±A, ±B
Measuring Modes – Actual, Minimum, Maximum, T.I.R., Nominal
Tolerance Indicators – five LED
Weight (approx.) – 11 lbs./5kg
Display Modes – A, (or B or both – dual input models only)
Auto Power Off – after 30 minutes of non-use (selectable)
Power Requirements – 100 Vac to 240 Vac, 50-60Hz with power module (Furnished)

mahr 832 air

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• Uses regular shop air (40 -150 psig).
• Internal pressure regulator keeps measuring pressures within calibrated range.
• Adjust meter to zero using a single setting master and the zero setting screw.
• High visibility meter has fine line graduations and a needle-thin hand for clear, precise readings. An air filter is included to remove dust and dirt contaminants from air line.
• Tooling mounts to the front of the unit. Connections are tight with finger pressure.
• No recalibration necessary when changing tooling. Just set zero and measure!
• Models available in 5 magnifications, 2 dial styles, and either Metric or Inch.

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