Mahr 852 TS Indicating Bench Snap Gage


  • For rapid measurements of diameters of cylindrical parts (shafts, bolts and shanks).
  • For measuring pitch, root and outside diameters of all kinds of external threads as well as serrations.
  • For thickness and length measurement • Particularly suited for batch produced parts.

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Mahr 852TS Indicating Bench Snap Gage Features:

  • Rugged steel frame, can beinclined up to 45° from the sturdy base
  • Measuring spindle and anvil spindle are both made of hardened stainless steel, with mounting bore for insertion of interchangeable anvils
  • Anvil spindle can easily be fine adjusted
  • Height adjustable stop
  • Constant measuring force as a result of built-in spring, thus eliminating user influence
  • Universally applicable and extremely versatile, each instrument spans a broad measuring range
  • Scope of supply: TC tipped-anvils, dia. D= 3.5 mm
  • Range: 0-80mm/0-4.0"

Dial Comparators

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Mahr  852TS Indicating Bench Snap Gage Technical Specifications:

Mahr Federal 852TS Indicating Snap Gage tech specs
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Download the Mahr 852TS Indicating Bench Snap Gage product information using the link below

mahr 852 TS Mahr 852 TSZ

Download the link below for Accessories specifications:

Mahr Federal 852TS Indicating Snap Gage Accessories Anvils

Mahr Federal 840FM Indicating Snap Gage for Tooth Span Accessories_Dial Comparators for Mahr Federal Snap Gages
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