Mahr Dimentron Plug

Mahr Federal Dimentron Indicating Plug gages are extremely repeatable and a highly accurate method of measuring and exploring dimensional characteristics of bores.
Easy to use, simply insert plug into the diameter and read. Gages are Self Centering – No rocking required. Long life due to tungsten carbide contacts and vee rod ensures a durable motion transfer.

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Mahr Dimentron Plug Features:

  •  Designed for high production I.D. gaging.
  • High chrome content; hardened stainless steel bodies ground precisely for specified size measurement.
  • Plug tooling interchangeable for quick changeover.
  • Measuring is easy — just insert plug into diameter and read. No rocking needed.
  • Set to nominal dimension with a single master ring.
  • Long life: Tungsten carbide contacts and vee rod ensure durable motion transfer.
  • Three styles of plugs available – Thru-hole, Blind Hole and Super-blind.
  • Open design rinses clean easily.

Download the Mahr Dimentron Plug Gage product information using the link below:

Mahr Federal Dimentron Plug Gage

Download specifications for the Mahr Dimentron Plug Gages using the link below:


Accessories for Mahr Federal Dimentron Plug Gages

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