Mahr MarVision QM 300 Field of View Measurement


The MarVision QM 300 is a designed for fast, close to the manufacturing process evaluation of cutting inserts or flat components and stamped parts. This instrument has a large field of view for fast multiple dimension measurements. The Quick Measure feature automatically recognizes pre-programmed parts and makes the required measurements without operator influence, improving performance and productivity



Mahr MarVision QM 300 features:

• Telecentric fixed lens
• Integrated USB color camera
• LED ring light: dimmable
• LED transmitted light: dimmable
• Height adjustable measuring table
• Automatic edge detection
• Automatic measurement of all features of a component within
the image field
• Easy program sequence due to on-screen graphic guidance
• Automatic edge detection even with low contrast parts

Operating and display unit M3-Software with Touchscreen-PC
• 23“ Touchscreen with keyboard and mouse
• Based on Windows 8, it is possible to install further upgrades
• Operated via the Multi-Touch on the monitor or via mouse/keyboard
• Large video image
• Target / actual evaluation with tolerance data
• Protocol printout with company logo
• Represented graphically with dimensions
• Statistic (minimum, maximum, range, standard deviation, 6-sigma, etc.)
• DXF function compares the measurement with a CAD drawing

Available Options

Meauring Range/Image Field Product Number
96x72mm/3.8"x2.8" 4247805
57x42mm/2.3"x1.6" 4247804
32x24mm/1.25"x1" 4247803

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