Mark-10 ES05 Manual Force Test Stand


The compact ES05 test stand is designed for compression testing of up to 30 lbF (150 N). Typical applications include switch contact activation testing, small spring testing, peel testing, and more.

3 Year Warranty

Mark-10 ES05 Manual Force Test Stand Features:

  • A spring-loaded lever allows for repeatable testing with up to 1.5” (38 mm) displacement.
  • The lever mechanism can be repositioned along the length of the column, allowing this stand to be used for various sized samples.
  • The ES05’s small footprint makes it particularly well suited to crowded workbenches, while its low weight makes it very portable for field auditing or for quick transportation to other testing areas.

Mark-10 ES05 Manual Force Test Stand:

  • Load capacity: 30 lbF [150 N]
  • Loading method: Spring-loaded lever
  • Maximum travel: 1.5 in [38 mm]
  • Included accessories: Force gauge mounting hardware
  • Warranty: 3 years (see individual statement for details)

Download the Mark-10 ES05 Manual Force Test Stand product information using the link below:

Mark-10 ES05 Manual Force Test Stand



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