Starrett Manual Force Testers


Starrett Manual Force Testers are lever actuated.  Starrett Force gage models DFC or DFC Digital force gages are sold separately.  See the digital force gage section of our site.

Starrett MTL Manual Force Tester 110lbf capacity
Starrett MTL-330 Manual Force Tester 330lbf capacity


Starrett Manual Force Testers

• Two Capacities: 110lbf, 330lbf (500N, 1500N)
• Compact Design is Ideal for Lean Manufacturing Environments
• Lever-type, Quick-action Crosshead Movement
• Precision Rack and Pinion
• Excellent Position Resolution: Single Rotation for 3″ (75mm)
• Adjustable Gage Mounting

Available Options

Force Test Stand Capacity Product Number
330lb/1500n/150Kgf MTL-330
110lb/500n/50Kgf MTL-110

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starrett MTL Manual force stand


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starrett MTL Manual force stands

Starrett MTL Force Stands do not include force gages.  See below links for force gage options


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