Mark-10 Test Stand Wire Crimp Pull Tester Model WT3-201



The Mark-10 WT3-201 is designed to measure the pull-off force of wire and tube terminations. An ergonomic lever allows for easy application of up to 200
lbF (1,000 N) of force. Adjustable terminal fixture contains multiple slots for diameters up to AWG 3 (0.25 in [6.3 mm]). The tester accommodates most insulation types. Samples can be sent to Mark-10 for evaluation prior to purchase.

A large, backlit graphic LCD displays easy-to-read values, including realtime force, peak force, programmable pass/fail limits, units of measurement, and more. Data can be transferred to a PC or other data collector via USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo (Digimatic), or analog outputs. An analog load bar is shown on the display for graphical representation of applied force.
The WT3-201 includes MESURTM Lite data acquisition software. MESURTM Lite tabulates continuous or single point data. Data stored in the tester’s
memory can also be downloaded in bulk. One-click export to Excel allows

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Mark 10 Wire Crimp Pull Tester Model WT3-201 Features:

  • Measures real-time and peak forces
  • Ergonomic lever operation produces 200 lbF (1,000 N)
  • Terminal fi xture suits wires up to Ø0.25 in [6.3 mm]
  • USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo (Digimatic), and analog outputs
  • Automatic output / data storage / zeroing upon sample break helps automate testing processes
  • 1,000-point data memory with statistics and outputs
  • Password protection prevents unauthorized changes
  • Programmable set point indicators and outputs for pass / fail determination
  • High-speed 7,000 Hz sampling rate accurately captures peak force values
  • Configurable audio alarms and key tones
  • mounting holes for bench mounting



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